Receiving In-Service Training

After earning a special education degree and taking a position at a school or other institution, a special education teacher's own learning needs do not end. While working in the classroom itself helps educate a teacher, a special education teacher often receives in-service training that helps with their professional development. This training can be done during the school year or on designated training days, for full or half days or in a workshop format. The training can be at the school itself, a school district meeting place, or an off-site location. Special education teachers learn updated and/or new information about topics like teaching methods, assistive technologies, co-teaching, behavior management, and education strategies. The latest developments in educational research that are relevant for special education classrooms could also be taught. Sometimes, the training equips special education teachers to work with different kinds of students. For example, special education teacher that may have specialized in behavior disorders would learn ways of reaching autistic students. Another focus for in-service training could focus on helping special education teachers becoming equipped to work in general education classrooms as inclusion becomes more and more common. Such in-service training could help teach special education teachers how to work with general education teachers as co-teachers in classrooms with both special education and general education students.

Last Updated: 05/07/2014


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