Education Policy

One type of job available to a special education degree holder is working in special education policy. Those who work in special education policy often have a master's degree or doctorate in education, and have specialized in education policy. They can play a role in creating laws and regulations on the local, state, and/or national levels. Other special education policy specialists help develop policies about special education for public schools, government entities, and independent companies. They are also employed in think tanks, nonprofit organizations, and other groups. Primarily, the purpose of a position in education policy is to help develop, initiate, and complete various reforms through legislation or other means. Other education policy professionals evaluate current methods as well as proposed methods of special education reform. They often use statistical data, and develop both quantitative and qualitative studies as part of their analyses. Policy jobs in special education can include a range of focus areas, from the means of evaluating teachers to the development of curriculums for the many types of students enrolled in special education classrooms. Some who work in educational policy focus on the research or development of new teaching strategies or methods, while others specialize in developing aspects of the administration of educational policy.

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