Collaborating With the Classroom Teacher to Define Appropriate Curriculum Activities for the Pupils

Because public schools are becoming more inclusive, many general education classrooms include both general education students and special education students. Such classrooms also often have both general education teachers and teachers with special education degrees. Special education teachers draw on their background to assist general education teachers to adapt lessons and teaching techniques to the needs of special education students. When these students are part of general education classrooms, it is important that both types of teachers work together to define appropriate curriculum activities. Depending on the nature of their disability, special education students might be unable to complete assignments or take part in activities the same way general education students do. The special education teachers in such classrooms draw on their expertise, experience, and knowledge about the special needs and/or disabilities of students placed in this environment to ensure they can benefit from what happens in the classroom. Both general education and special education teachers can also share information like instructional practices and intervention strategies, confer on the progress of special education students, and address needs of individual students with disabilities and special needs.

Last Updated: 05/07/2014


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