Certification Tests

There are a number of tests taken by aspiring teachers, including those with special education degrees, for licensing and certification purposes. The tests taken by both aspiring special education and general education teachers include the Praxis I and Praxis II exams. These tests can be given as a requirement for entry into a teaching program as well as part of the licensing process. Both tests are a measurement of the knowledge and skills of aspiring teachers. Prior to taking the tests, a would-be teacher must pay the involved fees. The tests can be administered either on paper or on a computer. No matter what the method, the tests must be taken at a designated testing center.

In addition to the Praxis series of tests, many aspiring teachers are required to take state tests as well depending on where they live or want to work. Many of the state tests examine basic skills as well as specific subject areas such as special education. Bilingual and English as a Second Language tests specifically certify teachers in those areas. In California, for example, almost all aspiring teachers must take and pass the California Basic Education Skills Test, with a few exceptions, then take and pass the appropriate subject matter exam. There are other tests a teacher in California can take for advanced licensing and career development.

Last Updated: 05/07/2014


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